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Mechanics & transportation technologies and materials

RINA Consulting provides the mechanics and land based transportation industry (i.e. rail, automotive, ship) with performing and cost-effective materials to be integrated with reliable industrial processes.

We integrate modern design methodologies for structural integrity, fatigue, damage tolerance and crash worthiness with a deep knowledge on materials, manufacturing technologies, mathematical calculus and modelling, in order to provide processes or product solutions able to match the manufacturer's and end-user's needs.


RINA Consulting has the capability of governing the material design, the through-the-process and product metallurgy for plain carbon, micro alloyed and stainless steels, super alloys, light alloys, composite and ceramics, from melting and solidification to final thermo-mechanical processing and heat treatment.

We are able to define the best manufacturing practices for high quality flat, long and tubular semi products, thanks to a rich set of standard instruments for microstructural analysis and mechanical testing, complemented by a strong elaborative power and physical and metallurgical modelling capabilities.

Machinability, weldability and the production of surfaces able to sustain wear, corrosion or effective painting, are among the key points of our expertise.

In the alloy design phase, we are able to extract technological intelligent databases (TechDbw ©) on materials, shaping processes, coatings, structures, etc., for designers and manufacturers.

Our integrated testing capabilities contribute to the product development at coupon (e.g., hardness, resilience, creep and fatigue testing) and structure level (e.g. crash, combined applied dynamic loads and fatigue testing).

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