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Oil & Gas technologies and materials

The real challenging nature of Oil & Gas technologies depends on the set of demanding requirements for high reliability standards they are expected to satisfy before being able to be considered ready-to-be deployed.

Within this scenario, RINA Consulting is able to satisfy Oil & Gas companies' needs through a complete set of capabilities, matching the required technologies and wholly covering each and every single aspect related to the product development: the raw tube manufacturing, the design and implementation of the full-fledged components ready for production - either for onshore and offshore extraction fields or transport lines - and the full scale pre-exercise tests in designed situations.

Thanks a wide spectrum of technologies, from the material metallurgy up to engineering, welding technology, anti-corrosion solutions and full-scale tests, RINA Consulting is able to transform the research results into real industrial achievements.


The RINA Consulting Oil & Gas activities concern 4 main areas:
  • Offshore well: materials and products selection, development, evaluation and assessment for premium connections, special components, completion fluids and deepwater complements
  • Offshore flowlines and risers: tubular ducts and components for strained-based design applications and welded joints metallurgical developments, and structural integrity analysis of advanced laying processes and deepwater applications
  • Onshore existing pipelines: mechanical damage, low-toughness line pipe characterization, crack stoppers for low-toughness lines and repair systems developments.
  • Onshore X100 or X120 pipelines: Ductile Fracture Propagation Control (DFPC), low T toughness, crack stoppers, defect tolerance in welds, plastic deformation and H-embrittlement.

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