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Power Gen, Space and Defence technologies and materials

RINA Consulting brings a unique capability in the development of frames, engine components, protective coatings and shields, by taking advantage of a wide amount of expertise in materials (light alloys, composites, high temperature materials, etc.), coatings, manufacturing processes and product simulation.

We support Aerospace and Defence Clients in turning new concepts into real functional prototypes, within applications spanning from light structural solutions for frames to new conceived materials for engine components and innovative multi-functional coatings.


Thanks to our rapid prototyping modelling capability, we count on the most modern pilot scale foundry in Europe and a whole line for the development of near-net-shape components.

The former system, endowed with Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM), Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) and Pressure Electro Slag Remelting (PESR) capabilities, can manufacture all kinds of special steels, super alloys, light alloys and intermetallic ingots at ultra-high purity standards.

The latter system consists of a line specialised in the design and fabrication of wax and epoxy resins component models, ceramics moulds and near-net-shape components.

The possibility to switch between nitrogen and argon allows developing and fabricating all sorts of powder metallic alloys through a wide set of technologies (i.e. Hot Pressing, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Plasma Spray, HVOF, PVD and CVD).

Today we are also active in the ceramics and ceramic composites applications development, like new ceramics ballistic protections for tanks, ships, aircraft and helicopters, thermal barriers or thermal shock coatings for new generation space reusable launchers, turbine blades and ceramics for electronic applications.

In terms of surface modifications, we are able to develop organic and inorganic coatings and panels, with special electromagnetic behaviour or less toxic than hexavalent chromium- and cadmium-based ones.

These include such forming technologies as Superplastic forming, Hydroforming, VRTM, hot and cold dying, Hot and cold rolling, and a deep knowledge on welding (i.e., Laser Beam and Friction Stir Welding) and adhesive technologies.

The integrated offer in the Aerospace and Defence sector is furtherly enriched by mechanical testing, corrosion and chemical and microstructural analysis services, and by computational and modelling capabilities, embracing several aspects related to the development of aerospace and defence products (i.e., static and dynamic design, crash simulation etc.).

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