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Software Quality Workshop

Share best practices and technologies to improve software quality assurance

TAG, Milan (Italy) from 6/29/2017 to 6/29/2017
Software Quality Assurance (SQA) helps teams to develop high-quality software. SQA can decrease the cost of development and ensures the reusability of the code in a perspective of long-life duration of the software.

Right management of SQA saves money, time and effort in production debugging. According to real cases, SQA can improve the development through source code monitoring with analysis tools and functional testing of the software, letting the company accomplish their KPI.

For this workshop several speakers will show you their experience about SQA across different areas.

  • Software Quality implications
  • Code reuse
  • Source code quality monitoring
  • System test automation
  • Distributed environment software development
  • Software integration and validation.
  • Alberto Silliti (Prof. - Innopolis University Information System Dept. Dir.)
  • Cristiano Ghersi (Software Architect - SAP)
  • Michele Ursino (Cloud Tech. Dir. - Leica Geosystems)
  • Emanuele Castagno (RINA)
  • Nicola De Santis (RINA)
  • Giovanni Gambaro (RINA)
The idea behind this event is to share best practices and technologies to improve software quality. At the end of the workshop you may join a round table, during which everyone could become speaker and talk about his own experience, asking question and partecipating actively.

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Giovanni Gambaro