RINA Consulting

ADD+IT Symposium

AM MOTION Project: a new Additive Manufacturing Network

Museum Arbeitswelt, Steyr (Austria) from 9/28/2017 to 9/29/2017
RINA Consulting has begun work on a new project this year in additive manufacturing - the AM MOTION Project.

The AM MOTION Project is a European additive manufacturing project that aims at coordinating and supporting research and stakeholders in this sector. The goal is to aid the development of 3D printing in order to increase its marketability. In itself, 3D printing is extremely marketable and can be used in different sectors such as biomedicine, aerospace, fashion and many more. Just imagine a case in which your car needs repairs and the mechanic does not have spare parts for that model. With additive manufacturing, all he or she would need to do is print the spare part and substitute it.

Although it may be slightly more complex than that, the concept remains the same and 3D printing is already highly advanced in certain sectors such as dental technologies. Other areas still remain underdeveloped or at the prototype phase. RINA Consulting together with the other partners of the AM MOTION project aim at giving additive manufacturing’s research facilities and stakeholders the instruments and connections to improve 3D printing’s development. AM MOTION provides roadmaps that facilitate the innovation process and are accessible to all those in Europe within the sector.

Participation to the project is easy: you can choose to sign up to the AM MOTION database - which will include information about many additive manufacturing companies and projects - as well as take part in the additive manufacturing summer school or become a member of an expert group.

If you are interested in taking part in AM MOTION events, you may want to keep in mind the following dates:
  • AMEF 2017 (Brussels, 10/17/2017)
  • EXPERT’s SESSION (Brussels, 10/18/2017)
  • AM PROJECT’S WORKSHOP (Lisbon, 11/15/2017).

Margherita Cioffi