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NEWS - 26/06/2017

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Kuwait National VTS

Critical infrastructure in sectors such as energy, transport, communication, defence, healthcare and finance provide essential services for everyday life. Their disruption or destruction by terrorist attacks, natural disasters or other incidents can cause huge problems. Authorities are increasingly aware of the importance of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and are taking more and more steps to prevent and prepare for physical and cyber threats to their operability.

RINA Consulting has an extensive experience in CIP projects. This experience includes Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS), which have among their main functions the protection of adjacent communities and critical infrastructure (IALA recommendations). For example, we were engaged by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Communication to support the establishment of a national control centre for the provision of maritime services covering Kuwait’s regional waters by implementing an integrated vessel traffic service (VTS) and search and rescue (SAR) system, interconnected with a new network of aids to navigation (AtoN). In accordance with the project’s requirements, the system was designed to also serve national security by controlling and banning illegal movement of ships, especially in areas close to critical infrastructure located along the coastline.

In the initial phases of the project, RINA Consulting assessed geographic and maritime issues, analysed maritime traffic, arranged meetings with all involved authorities and stakeholders, performed site surveys in order to check the AtoN status and select radar sites, and studied radar, radio and optical coverage. RINA Consulting then designed a state-of-the-art Vessel Traffic System in accordance with IALA and IMO recommendations, defined SAR guidelines, procedures and organizations, and developed the final design of the new aids to navigation network to be integrated with the VTS and SAR system. Finally, we produced the complete tender dossier.

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Gianluca Vezzani