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NEWS - 05/07/2017

Protecting Critical Infrastructure from climate change and extreme weather

An important focus of Critical Infrastructure Protection is safeguarding critical infrastructure from the negative effects of climate change and extreme weather events. In the framework of the European research projects ANYWHERE and EU-CIRCLE, RINA Consulting is contributing to the development of tools to support decision makers in the coordination of emergency operations (ANYWHERE) and to the development of a systemic approach for the assessment of critical infrastructure’s resilience to climate change (EU-CIRCLE).

The ANYWHERE project partners are developing a multi-hazard operational early warning system for which RINA Consulting is defining acceptance test methodology and carrying out performance evaluation. RINA Consulting is also in charge of the development of a Decision Support System (DSS) to enable self-response of logistics companies dealing with distribution tasks (e.g. food distribution) during severe weather events impacting urban networks and infrastructure.

Within the EU-CIRCLE project our involvement includes understanding the vulnerabilities of Critical Infrastructure, in particular with respect to the oil & gas and energy sectors. Moreover, we are supporting the project in the definition of the methodology for the assessment of Critical Infrastructure’s functionalities, starting from a registry of assets and their interconnection. This will be included in the definition of adaptation and mitigation strategies for Critical Infrastructure in the context of climate change.

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Clemente Fuggini