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NEWS - 08/08/2017

BRIGAID - Call for innovations

The European BRIGAID project (EU H2020) aims to effectively bridge the gap between innovators and end-users in resilience to floods, droughts and extreme weather by assessing and improving the technical, social and market readiness of innovations in this field.

As project partner, RINA Consulting is assisting in the development of two innovations: a hydroponic system for vertical food farming and an application for early warning against high water levels and monitoring of floods.

The development of innovative modular systems for vertical food farming can be viewed in the framework of adaptation measures to droughts, owing to their potential to save water and decrease the need for farmland.

The automated flood warning systems can, after a problem is detected through sensor data, calls from citizens or social media analysis, send a drone fleet to inspect the affected area, taking pictures, recording videos, etc., thus speeding up the emergency response process and preventing the problem’s extension.

Does your innovation improve resilience to floods, droughts and extreme weather? Get involved in the 2017/18 BRIGAID test cycle and submit your innovation before October 1st 2017.

Elisabetta Noce

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