RINA Consulting

PRESS RELEASE - 09/11/2017

PREEceptTM fires the first shot in competitive simulation war

RINA Consulting, which has recently incorporated Edif ERA, is set to change the cost dynamics of the war gaming world through the introduction of PREEceptTM, a VBS3 based decision support simulation system that is excellent value for money.

RINA’s approach to designing their decision support toolset has been to study the training consultancy market and conduct a detailed analysis of what the MOD and civilian sector are currently using in the field of decision support techniques and software. As expected, RINA confirmed that the military were conducting training in their own tactics, procedures and protocols in a visualised way so that they could see their military planning ‘play out’. So RINA went about procuring an extensive military model at 1: 300 NATO scale and added weapon effects, ranges and distances on the ground that could be accurately measured. This model can then be used in conjunction with a virtual defence simulation system which uses VBS3 (the UK MOD’s Defence Virtual Simulation solution). By using terrain built in VBS3, maps can be printed that match the model terrain creating a joined-up war gaming and military planning training solution.

This highly cost effective and seamless solution allows military commanders to practice what they have already been taught in a virtual environment but more importantly on a physical modelled environment. Any scenario can be reset multiple times and - as the MOD have chosen to use VBS3 as a defence simulation tool - the license cost, a major component, is not incurred. Often military simulators can cost millions of pounds but PREEceptTM can be delivered at a fraction of that cost and still provide CT1, CT2 and CT3 training levels. PREEceptTM is a simulation system that is truly affordable which could explain why both NATO and MOD are taking a keen interest adopting the system.

RINA Consulting’s Defence Business Manager, Charlie Lewis is excited at the opportunities,” We have brought together the map, the model and the virtual simulation in seamless manner and included weapon effects and ranges in a physical environment we can replicate in a virtual environment.”

RINA will facilitate any training event and will bring all the simulation equipment and the model to any specific location, while the customer provides the subject matter experts. RINA, with its complement of highly experienced, ex-military planners, can also supply any desired Operational Staff Work which are the written plans providing the context for planning and war gaming. PREEceptTM is much more than war gaming as it offers a comprehensive, multi-technique cohesive solution to Decision Support.

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