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Condition Assessment

Condition assessment enables owners and operators to better understand the health of their assets and manage remaining life. Effective management is critical to ensuring safe and reliable operation up to and beyond design life. Whether you operate a refinery, chemical plant, generating facility or industrial site, RINA Consulting can provide you with independent technical assurance to support your business decisions.


Our engineers have a comprehensive knowledge of the key damage mechanisms and through a process of planned inspection, testing and analysis we can establish their extent, severity and impact. We routinely work on a wide range of physical assets including pressure vessels, piping, rotating plant and electrical equipment. As a long-standing independent consultancy business, our knowledge and experience enables us to provide impartial advice highly valued by our Clients.


Our metallurgical, mechanical or electrical focused assessments, or indeed larger site-wide reviews, enable us to independently establish whether the assets are fit for purpose, prepare RBI/health indices and define operating limits, as well as performing remaining life and prioritisation actions for each asset. These services can help prevent forced outages and support run/repair/replace decisions.

Our expertise covers:
  • Fitness for service & Asset management
  • Remaining life assessment
  • On-site field metallography and assessment
  • Lab-based metallurgical assessment
  • Online and offline electrical testing
  • Prioritisation of electrical maintenance.
We have in-depth knowledge of:
  • Gas & Steam Turbines, Rotating Equipment
  • Electrical Assets (Generators, Transformers, Switchgear, HV and LV Cables, Transmission Assets)
  • Static Equipment (Pressure vessels, Power Boilers. Piping, Heaters, Reactors, Tanks).

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