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Environmental & Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that your products meet all applicable regulatory and commercial requirements is an increasingly complex and critical task. Our Clients are required to demonstrate that their products are safe, reliable and will meet legal requirements – both environmental and technical.


We have extensive knowledge of global compliance requirements and constantly track and monitor these multiple, changing obligations. We can help you navigate regulatory and safety approvals and explain exactly how they affect your business. We also publish a regular newsletter, Re4view, which delivers coverage and expert analysis of environmental regulatory matters relevant to products and components.

Our experts assist industry and authorities (including UK government and the European Commission) on environmental compliance issues such as: obsolescence and reliability (e.g. RoHS, REACH, SVHC), eco-design and sustainability, responsible sourcing (conflict minerals and modern slavery), chemical or technical analysis, end-of-life (e.g. WEEE, batteries), conformity and safety.


The UK referendum decision of June 23 clearly has major implications for the UK’s relations with the EU and with the rest of the world. It raises critical questions about what impact this will have on how products are traded, what requirements they must meet, and how compliance can be demonstrated now and in the future. RINA Consulting will be following developments closely and looks forward to helping its Clients navigate these unsettled times.

We have a selection of publications which provide a current, detailed review of UK and EU legislation affecting the Industry sector which can be found ​here.

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