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Product and Process Innovation

RINA Consulting provides full support to client's needs in the development of new products, processes and services by means of its multidisciplinary skills. These skills allow transforming an idea into an engineering concept, drastically reducing time and necessary resources.

RINA Consulting implements a Life Cycle Thinking approach, combining LCA and LCC, in any phase of the product innovation process.


Services offered can be summarized as it follows:
  • conceptual and detailed design by means of market proven methodologies, such as functional analysis, QFD (Quality Function Deployment), preliminary design and rendering, material selection, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), LCC Analysis (Life Cycle Costing)
  • supervision of product prototype integration and management of the suppliers of the various components
  • Design of Experiment (DoE) for the robust design of the products and for the rational test planning
  • supervision of physical and mechanical testing and interpretation of the test results
  • rapid prototyping with 3D printing machines for faster development times
  • validation by modeling and prototyping: activities are addressing customers' needs in terms of components design, products based on functional specification, verification of performances under duty, design optimization through market proven methodologies and their combination
  • standardization and pre-normative research.


RINA Consulting​ offers a one-stop shop for new product development and engineering addressing, both technological and non-technological issues which are critical for market success, including compliance with standards and regulations.

Product design solutions can be optimized for function, cost, efficiency, life cycle aspects and safety to meet individual customer needs. We have been involved in more than 1.000 engagements, both with large and small business.​

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