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Environmental & Social Due Diligence and Monitoring

Environmental and social due diligence (ESDD) is conducted to reduce the potential threat of Environmental, Health & Safety and Social liabilities and to safeguard the project financial structures prior to funding decision.

Moreover, R​INA Consulting performs independent EHSS construction and operation audits, to verify compliance with commitments taken by the project and to safeguard the pool financer.


R​INA Consulting staff has proven skills to:
  • verify whether all direct and indirect impacts on the different environmental and social components have been properly identified, mitigated or compensated
  • verify that adequate environmental monitoring programs have been established
  • evaluate the effectiveness of Environmental, Health & Safety and Social plans, developed to deal with potential environmental risks and liabilities
  • perform site reconnaissance
  • assess the areas directly and indirectly affected by the project
  • perform technical reviews of EPC contracts, to evaluate compliance with applicable international standards and Good International Industry Practices (GIIP).
R​INA Consulting​ also performs EHSS compliance audits, aimed at:
  • identifying the EHSS conditions of the project, based on existing technical data and/or as a result of ad-hoc investigations
  • assessing environmental and human health risks and quantifying the magnitude of EHSS issues
  • providing recommendations to project management and field personnel in order to avoid, minimize and mitigate exposure to environmental and health risks
  • negotiating feasible solutions and environmental and social strategies.​

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