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New Materials

Innovation in materials technology is one of the key factors enabling enterprises to compete successfully today. Product innovation protects a company's profit margins with the creation of new, differentiating elements. Process innovation improves production efficiency and deals with environmental issues.

RINA Consulting offers services that cover the entire materials innovation process and the connected technologies. We strongly invest in skills and equipment to ensure that we can assist our Clients from the R&D phases to the industrial implementation. Our engineers have the widest view of possible solutions, also thanks to our network of relationships and cooperation with universities and public and private research bodies.

RINA Consulting can create pilot prototypes and prototypes for showcasing, study the best process/plant automation solutions, resolve issues connected with the design, reliability, safety and control of components and structures, and develop processes for the exploitation of industrial by-products.


RINA Consulting helps Clients gain a competitive edge by developing lighter, safer, more resistant and environmentally friendly materials for their business. We support materials end-users in R&D projects and provides services for the development, assessment and qualification of new products, exploring the best manufacturing processes in terms of cost/performance ratio. We also assist semi-product manufacturers in the development of new materials to best fit end-user requirements.

Our multidisciplinary team is able to understand Clients’ needs and properly define the most suitable strategy for product and process development. Material design by means of sophisticated material modelling, design and execution of critical laboratory and pilot plant tests together with the interpretation of product and process results allows us to provide bespoke industrial solutions.

The combination of high-level technical competence, laboratories and pilot plants enables us to give Clients solutions that shorten the innovation/industrialization route. Not only do we supply solutions, we transfer the necessary know-how directly to our Clients.

We offer a wide range of solutions for all kinds of metallic materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, composites materials, polymeric and ceramics. Functional, metallic and ceramic coatings are designed and applied by specific technologies in order to improve in-service performance of components.​
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