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Energy and Resource Efficiency

Energy and resource efficiency assessment and audit are one of the core services provided by RINA Consulting for both private and public Clients, for selecting the most appropriate investment to increase energy and resources efficiency in industries and buildings.


Our solutions include:
  • Basic and targeted energy and resources audits of industrial facilities
  • Assessment of the current conditions of installations and operations
  • Evaluation of the energy (electricity, heat, steam and fuels) and resource balance (water, raw materials, by-products)
  • Comparison of key performance indicators with relevant international benchmarks
  • Identification of key areas for potential efficiency improvements
  • Evaluation of the technical feasibility of proposed measures
  • Evaluation of the financial viability of investments
  • Identification of energy efficiency rebuilding investments
  • Technical and economic analyses of investment plans
  • Implementation of site-specific energy management systems.


RINA Consulting​ can offer any kind of assistance in the development of energy and resource audits, as well as feasibility studies at heavy and light industry production and processing plants. The development of these activities can provide the Client with a program for energy saving and cost-effective investment - including the introduction of energy saving technology - which is expected to lead to average achievable payback times of three up to five years.

Our team is always formed by engineers with specific background in energy and resource audits, with deep knowledge of the specific industry and process.​

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