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Laboratory design and Start-up

RINA Consulting provides services for the design, construction and start-up of laboratories, pilot plants or testing systems.

The configuration of the laboratories is suited for specific fields of material application, such as oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, construction, transportation.

Together with standard testing machines special devices are designed and commissioned like whole pilot manufacturing lines of special steels, equipment for full scale components, testing and cyclic loads and aggressive environments.


Our multi-disciplinary approach combined with our knowledge of materials, the basic mechanisms of materials’ in service behaviourand our engineering competences allow us to tailor laboratory facilities and lay-out to the specific purpose.

We can provide services ranging from basic design, detailed design and support in the procurement phase up to the commissioning of the whole system.

RINA Consulting also offers the possibility of training personnel both with lectures and on the job with laboratory/plant/system activities. Our trainings also concern the transfer of knowledge on the background of relevant standards and how to set up laboratory operating procedures, fully compliant with the requirements.


RINA Consulting has a broad experience in laboratory managing, continuously improving testing procedures and following market needs. More than 20 different laboratories are in daily use at RINA Consulting in order to fulfil all our Clients’ requirements, providing them with the best solutions. This extensive experience is available for new challenges and new application scenarios.


Our multidisciplinary team is able to understand Clients’ needs and properly define the most suitable laboratory lay-out and testing methodologies. We provide basic design, detailed design, support in procurement, laboratory commissioning and possible personnel training compliant with best practices. We deliver technical reports that include all steps of the design and commissioning route.


Can you provide an example of one of the most recent applications of this service?
RINA Consulting was engaged by a leading East Asian consortium to design a whole manufacturing chain at pilot plant scale for electrical steels. The project involved melting shop, casting, hot and cold rolling and finishing lines for all the top grade electrical steels. Basic and detailed engineering have been provided together with suggestions for plant suppliers​

How can I request this service?
You can contact one of the contact personswho will handle your request.

How are the request and delivery route organized?
An engineer will take care of your requests and will be the responsible of all the delivery steps.
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