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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of electronic and electrical equipment, systems and installations to operate satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without any degradation or loss of function, and without interfering with other systems in the neighbouring environment. An effective EMC assessment is critical to the safety and reliability of all systems regardless of the industry. Failure of systems to operate in their own environment can lead to poor system reliability which can also compromise safety.


The introduction of standards and legislative requirements has increased EMC awareness across industries, requiring designers, contractors, operators and infrastructure owners to undertake thorough EMC assessments, risk analyses and design studies in order to demonstrate compliance and meet legislative and contractual requirements.

Our Services

  • EMC Management & Control
  • EM Modelling & Simulation
  • EM Survey Measurements & Characterisation of EM Environments
  • EMC Qualification, Validation & Testing
  • EMF Exposure Risk Assessments


​With many years' experience supporting clients in EMC design, integration and validation activities, RINA Consulting can give you access to a wide range of expertise that will reduce the vulnerability of systems and can implement bespoke optimum levels of protection. RINA

Consulting's experience in systems engineering and EMC analyses is built upon years of proactive support to major organisations, across multiple industry sectors.

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