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Financial Institutions & Insurance

National and international financial institutions are involved in projects related to all investment sectors: from Transport and Infrastructure to Oil & Gas and industrial development, from real estate planning to renewable energy installations.


Complex permitting, compliance and enforcement programs expose companies at risk regarding strict liability actions. Therefore, as a result of these programs and increasing public awareness, many industries design and plan project development and operations to ensure compliance with relevant international standards, and operate to minimize the consequences of violations of environmental laws and regulations.

RINA Consulting provides a broad range of Project Financing Advisory Services, both for private investors as well as for International Financial Institutions, throughout the whole investment process, up to project completion and operation.

Financial Players appoint RINA Consulting as Technical Advisor to safeguard the project financial structure prior to funding decision and during construction and operation phases to ensure compliance to project requirements and expected pay back levels.

RINA Consulting​ operates with Financial Institutions (IFIs), Commercial Banks, Equity Funds, Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), international donors and equator principles financial institutions.

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